The Overview


A view, a different view


The first conscious dream I experienced happened way back when I was a little boy, around the age of 10 I believe.

At that time one of my main concerns was blasting monsters and the likes on my PC screen, or spending my day out playing sports. But on that particular day I spent most of my time in front of the PC screen. When it was at last time for me to go to bed and I was quite joyful. I feel in a deep sleep almost immediately, and found myself in a dream where I was being chased by 2 skeletal figures. I remember feeling terrified and that I was running and constantly looking backwards to see if I had lost my pursuers.

Up until one point.

I stopped. I turned around to face my attackers. And it slowly became clear that I was actually sleeping and that this was just a dream. Mind you, I had not awaken, i was still very asleep without feeling my body nor experiencing any awake state characteristics. I slowly looked down toward my hands, and the moment I saw them, it was crystal clear that I was indeed asleep and this was just a dream. A dream I had created and in which I held the power. By this point my pursuers, ghastly figures from my subconsciousness, were quietly sitting in front of me several meters from me. A thought crossed my mind, that they were unable to harm me in any way and also that it would be nice if i had a sword in my hand. And there it appeared in my left hand (which is kind of weird since i am right handed). The next thought focused on me slashing the figures with my new found sword, and the hand executed itself immediately. Afterward I  awoke being quite amazed at the “dream” i just had.

Also all of my dreams, including this one, are in color. 🙂


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