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A view, a different view

Nothing exists;
Even if something exists, nothing can be known about it;
Even if something could be known about it, knowledge about it can’t be communicated to others.

– Gorgias (485-375 BC)

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

– Epicurus (341-270 BC)

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

– Albert Camus (1913-1960)

Be that self which one truly is.

– Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

I found these quotes, among others, while surfing the net, and I find it most intriguing how people’s views on everything from gods, the universe to their own lives differ.  I selected the above 3 quotes and pasted them here since they are the ones that best reflect my own personal views, and even though I have these conceptions, I understand that they may very well change over the course of time, and I may adopt different views, even contradictory – as I have before – , or even become fanatical in defending the ones that I already have.

I also am amazed at how much these kind of views affect our lives daily. Although people, from what I have seen, do not really talk about or even realize that they have certain conceptions about life, philosophical in their nature and most likely specific to individuals, they are the main factors that rule over our lives.

We do things or don’t do them, according to our own philosophical code. I say philosophical and not moral because the moral code that each of us uses is based on a philosophical view on what moral is or isn’t. So actually we are not acting towards a better good, or a common cause, or to be moral. No. We are all philosophers acting out their own philosophy, seeing and experimenting which one suits us best. And after we come to one that suits us, we do our best to shove it down the throat of others.


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Each feeling or emotion that one may feel belongs to that particular person. Whether or not it was caused by an outside influence, be it a person or event, it still belongs to the person that experiences it. As such the only way to control or to overcome or to rejoice in such an emotion can only be done by the one that has it. To say it simpler no one can rightly blame another for the what he is experiencing; ex. if someone comes up to you and starts cursing you, you may get angry, you may burst into laughter, you may just ignore him, but one thing is certain all those reactions and emotions are yours and not his, and as such you can control them and move them as you see fit. Most of our lives we are taught that certain actions require certain reactions, and that if somebody slaps you, you should get angry or maybe hit him back. But these are nothing else but predetermined thought patterns that we incorporate into our daily habits without questioning if they are right for us. Every person should seek out what is truly theirs and act accordingly.

Logically speaking there is no reason to get mad at anyone for anything. The fact that he just slapped you doesn’t result in a need to slap him back. Although that is what most of us would do, that’s just because we do not think about our (re)actions, our brain already has the answer for the situation from the many times it has gone over it in your mind. But most likely that would not help the situation, on the contrary it would just make it worse. Now most people argue that in such a case they would feel good by hitting back which is probably true. But has anyone tried taking the other approach to see how that makes you feel ?

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The first conscious dream I experienced happened way back when I was a little boy, around the age of 10 I believe.

At that time one of my main concerns was blasting monsters and the likes on my PC screen, or spending my day out playing sports. But on that particular day I spent most of my time in front of the PC screen. When it was at last time for me to go to bed and I was quite joyful. I feel in a deep sleep almost immediately, and found myself in a dream where I was being chased by 2 skeletal figures. I remember feeling terrified and that I was running and constantly looking backwards to see if I had lost my pursuers.

Up until one point.

I stopped. I turned around to face my attackers. And it slowly became clear that I was actually sleeping and that this was just a dream. Mind you, I had not awaken, i was still very asleep without feeling my body nor experiencing any awake state characteristics. I slowly looked down toward my hands, and the moment I saw them, it was crystal clear that I was indeed asleep and this was just a dream. A dream I had created and in which I held the power. By this point my pursuers, ghastly figures from my subconsciousness, were quietly sitting in front of me several meters from me. A thought crossed my mind, that they were unable to harm me in any way and also that it would be nice if i had a sword in my hand. And there it appeared in my left hand (which is kind of weird since i am right handed). The next thought focused on me slashing the figures with my new found sword, and the hand executed itself immediately. Afterward I  awoke being quite amazed at the “dream” i just had.

Also all of my dreams, including this one, are in color. 🙂

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State of mind – 1st of October

I find myself once again in a mental state which i cannot clearly define. It feels as though my head is spinning but my attention is quite clearly focused. As if I was high, but obviously that is not the case. In this state I feel as if I’m highly focused on my thoughts and emotions, but at the same time I’m not paying attention to the world around me. Also for the past 24 hours I’ve been experiencing aggressive tendencies towards the most mundane of things and this does not feel like me at all. Even more intriguing is the detachment with which I find myself viewing them, as if they belonged to somebody else. So right now 2 persons inside me are strugling for control, one as I said, quite aggressive where as the other in a weird trance like state of calm.

Should I believe either one of them is me? Can this “me” be defined through a state of mind. Or am I just sleeping and dreaming of others?

I choose not to give in to any of these states, and just watch their development.

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Books I’d like to recommend to you

I do believe that personal experience has cannot be matched by any other thing, except perhaps for pure intuition (of course where applicable). That is to say that no matter how much one reads, talks or hears about any subject, it does not compare to the actual personal experience of the subject. Of course that is to say that experience is unique and cannot be transferred over to any other person.

But this is not what i wanted to talk about. My focus in this post is books. And although they cannot match experience they are a great way of gaining new information, directions or an inside view on certain aspects that the reader just does not have yet. So I’ll be writing a small list of my personal favorite books with a small description of what I liked about them and why I would recommend reading them.

White book of Ramtha – whether or not you believe what ms Knight and Ramtha do is not my business, that’s for you to decide. I for one have found this book as being quite intriguing and it got me thinking of things I normally just ignored and also to look at certain aspects of life we take for granted in a new light. This is not a book for the easily offended, as some things as it is written in a quite direct, shall I say blunt, manner, with the writer saying and calling things as they are and not how they appear to be. I strongly recommend it, even more so if you are in to the spiritual aspect of life.

Osho – Don’t have a specific book to recommend here. I find that these books make me feel better. I just pick them up read from them, feel good. The easy and approachable writing style combined with the light hearted and storytelling nature of Osho make for one great reading session. Also you may learn a thing or two. I just remembered: “The mustard seed

Dune – this is a classic and if you haven’t read it, you ought to. Many believe it is just a Sci-Fi novel and leave it at that. And indeed it is a Sci-Fi novel, a brilliant one, but also the scope, magnitude and subtleties in these books are something I haven’t found anywhere else. It is quite amazing how the Sci-Fi blends in with a seemingly lively world, the books dealing with the subjects of religion taken to the extreme as a parallel to real life events that took place over the history. You have your classical image of good vs evil, the Messiah “fighting” a war against an empire, to realize that it is meaningless, his image manipulated to the extent of gaining a fanatical support. You also have your classical development novel, where a young boy, Paul, becomes the leader/savior of a planet and the galaxy. Also present is a world like no other, where computers have been eliminated, and humans have surpassed their normal abilities becoming more powerful and less human in the process. Enough said, go read it.

psychology – well not a specific book, but everyone should have at least a mild grasp of the processes that go on in our head, the reason why we behave as we do whereas others see things quite differently. From my experience I’d say Freud’s Psychology of the Unconsciousness is a good start. Even though considered out dated or straight out wrong, it still is an interesting read that can help the reader understand some mental processes. Other works by Freud can also help or better yet Jung.


Will be adding soon…

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View on relationships

I’ve listened to, read, heard about and myself experienced the wondrous thing called inter-human relationships. The most common aspect in most of the stories is that they start off wonderfull but after a certain point the relationship goes awry most likely ending in tears and pain. Most know the story, you find that special someone, fall madly in love, spend some time together – be it days / months / years – only to find yourself after that period wondering what has happened, or what you were thinking, before starting on a journey to the exact same thing with somebody else.

It seems we believe, or should i say that we like to believe, that things will forever be the same, and we can just pluck out of our minds any thought about changes to ourselves or what is happening around us. We actively refuse to believe that the person we are with, with whom we are so in love, may only be with us for a short period of time, just as long as they have to or want to. We pride ourselves with this endeavor claiming we are living the moment, carpe diem as they say. But what we are actually doing is just being egocentric, finding something that makes us feel fuzzy inside and then just pretending it belongs to us, that it is ours and we deserve it. Truth be told, nobody deserves somebody else. If someone decides to share his or her life with you, he does so by their own consent and not because they owe you something or because they are bound to you. They just choose to do so. Like they can choose to end that relationship

Of course most people like to dependent on others, to be depended on and as well to make others be dependent of them. And go to great extents to achieve this. This is common in almost any relationships, be they friends, lovers, family ties or anything else. We use a sofisticated web varying from words to actions and feelings to make others feel that they need to stand alongside us. Some of these methods create make people feel good while others make them suffer, but the purpose is still the same. We just like having servants around us.

It’s obvious that this kind of interaction is bound to be short live, as it does not actually have the interest of all the parties involved in mind. Each one just follows it’s own instinct and will to get it’s needs satisfied ussually just limiting him/her-self to that.

The most funny thing is that this is valid for each of the persons involved. So in a typical relationship both the man and the woman each have different needs they try to fulfill by actively using the  other one, and in most cases without actively expressing this intent. The hurting comes from this difference in what we say and what we do. Basically we are not sincere, which is something that is quite obvious to everyone living in the modern world. The worst thing is that we are not even sincere to our own selves. What I mean to say is that we don’t even admit to ourselves that we want to use the person next to us just for our own purposes, let alone to the person in question. Why don’t we do that ? Because we would judge ourselves for doing that. We would see ourselves as a bad guy manipulating others around us for our whims. And we block that out,  as our consciousness cannot deal with a negative image of ourselves; we have to be the good guy, at least in our minds. Ironically, by denying what we want to do we end up doing exactly that, and motivate it by blaming others for any incovenience we experience.

Aren’t we just wonderful ?

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Our mind

The human psyche is indeed a wonderful thing.

On one hand it has us driving ourselves and our bodies to the utter limits in pursuit of what seem to be unfathomable goals and ideals, bending the world around us to our will, moving us in ways we never thought possible, while on the other hand completely denying us any change that may affect its perceived image about itself, trying to squeeze as much time as possible before any major change is accepted in our life. 

So what do we do with it ? Or better yet, who are we ? Are we just the perceived image or images of our psyche? Or is our psyche a part of us ? Depending on the point of view one can succesfully argue for both these stances, most likely involving the existence of feelings on both sides. But sure enough as well as our feelings may be created as consequences of our psyche’s actions so can our psyche be influenced by our feelings.  But let’s leave these things as they are for now.

Tracing back our steps to our innermost thoughts, what should we do ? Should we just embrace every change that comes about? Why ? What would one achieve doing so ? Some say experience, the experience of something new. But then again is the action of refusing a change not the same ? Is it not still a change, even though it is a refusal? Is perseverance not something new?

 I believe that the answer is both yes and no. While you can do either in order to obtain *new* experiences, you can also do either and obtain nothing new. Refusing to acknowledge our entire thoughts, not shedding light on the deepest corners of our psyche will lead us to taking faulty decisions, and continue experienceing the same routine over and over even though we almost honestly believed we changed it.

So what does our psyche want? What drives it? Is it our wish to excel, to succeed? Is it society, our brethren quietly telling us what to do? Is it our doubts, our fears? I do believe that there is an answer to this question but also that the answer is particular to each and everyone asking the question.

For this we just have to be honest to ourselves, otherwise we are just pawns in our own twisted game.

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