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A view, a different view

Nothing exists;
Even if something exists, nothing can be known about it;
Even if something could be known about it, knowledge about it can’t be communicated to others.

– Gorgias (485-375 BC)

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

– Epicurus (341-270 BC)

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

– Albert Camus (1913-1960)

Be that self which one truly is.

– Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

I found these quotes, among others, while surfing the net, and I find it most intriguing how people’s views on everything from gods, the universe to their own lives differ.  I selected the above 3 quotes and pasted them here since they are the ones that best reflect my own personal views, and even though I have these conceptions, I understand that they may very well change over the course of time, and I may adopt different views, even contradictory – as I have before – , or even become fanatical in defending the ones that I already have.

I also am amazed at how much these kind of views affect our lives daily. Although people, from what I have seen, do not really talk about or even realize that they have certain conceptions about life, philosophical in their nature and most likely specific to individuals, they are the main factors that rule over our lives.

We do things or don’t do them, according to our own philosophical code. I say philosophical and not moral because the moral code that each of us uses is based on a philosophical view on what moral is or isn’t. So actually we are not acting towards a better good, or a common cause, or to be moral. No. We are all philosophers acting out their own philosophy, seeing and experimenting which one suits us best. And after we come to one that suits us, we do our best to shove it down the throat of others.


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Books I’d like to recommend to you

I do believe that personal experience has cannot be matched by any other thing, except perhaps for pure intuition (of course where applicable). That is to say that no matter how much one reads, talks or hears about any subject, it does not compare to the actual personal experience of the subject. Of course that is to say that experience is unique and cannot be transferred over to any other person.

But this is not what i wanted to talk about. My focus in this post is books. And although they cannot match experience they are a great way of gaining new information, directions or an inside view on certain aspects that the reader just does not have yet. So I’ll be writing a small list of my personal favorite books with a small description of what I liked about them and why I would recommend reading them.

White book of Ramtha – whether or not you believe what ms Knight and Ramtha do is not my business, that’s for you to decide. I for one have found this book as being quite intriguing and it got me thinking of things I normally just ignored and also to look at certain aspects of life we take for granted in a new light. This is not a book for the easily offended, as some things as it is written in a quite direct, shall I say blunt, manner, with the writer saying and calling things as they are and not how they appear to be. I strongly recommend it, even more so if you are in to the spiritual aspect of life.

Osho – Don’t have a specific book to recommend here. I find that these books make me feel better. I just pick them up read from them, feel good. The easy and approachable writing style combined with the light hearted and storytelling nature of Osho make for one great reading session. Also you may learn a thing or two. I just remembered: “The mustard seed

Dune – this is a classic and if you haven’t read it, you ought to. Many believe it is just a Sci-Fi novel and leave it at that. And indeed it is a Sci-Fi novel, a brilliant one, but also the scope, magnitude and subtleties in these books are something I haven’t found anywhere else. It is quite amazing how the Sci-Fi blends in with a seemingly lively world, the books dealing with the subjects of religion taken to the extreme as a parallel to real life events that took place over the history. You have your classical image of good vs evil, the Messiah “fighting” a war against an empire, to realize that it is meaningless, his image manipulated to the extent of gaining a fanatical support. You also have your classical development novel, where a young boy, Paul, becomes the leader/savior of a planet and the galaxy. Also present is a world like no other, where computers have been eliminated, and humans have surpassed their normal abilities becoming more powerful and less human in the process. Enough said, go read it.

psychology – well not a specific book, but everyone should have at least a mild grasp of the processes that go on in our head, the reason why we behave as we do whereas others see things quite differently. From my experience I’d say Freud’s Psychology of the Unconsciousness is a good start. Even though considered out dated or straight out wrong, it still is an interesting read that can help the reader understand some mental processes. Other works by Freud can also help or better yet Jung.


Will be adding soon…

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Again a thought

In a world filled with strife, with people suffering, many of whom live plentifull lives but still suffer, do we ever take the time to stop and think about us at least for a moment ?

Picture your daily routine, in it is there a point where you stop from what you are doing and think about yourselves ? What you want, want you want to do, what matters to you ?

Ussually we don’t. There are many excuses for why we don’t pay attention to the only person that really matters in our lives, us. Varied reasons like : I don’t have time, who will pay the rent, who will drive the kids to school etc. All of us have them.

But without knowing ourselves can we truly be happy ? Without knowing what makes us tick, or why do we tick in the first place, can we truly be alive ?

Many do not want to think about themselves because they have so many feelings that they do not want to face. Deep inside us, inside the faces and games we put on for the outside world there are thoughts, emotions that we keep well hid, not only from the exterior but from our own selves.

Unfortunately, these are the things that drive us in everyday life. That is why many perceived succesful individuals live in agony and self-destroy themselves. They never stop to think what or why they are doing what they do. They just do it.

Many ask when presented with the option of thinking about themselves and exploring their own inner self, how do they do that ? They believe they need the help of psychologists, psychiatrists, mystics or whatnot.

They don’t need anyone else, you don’t need anyone else to tell you about yourself. All you have to do is make a little time everyday for yourself. 15 – 30 minutes per day. You will still be able to pay the rent, the kids won’t starve, the world will not end if you just stop what you are doing and think why you are doing it. I remember someone saying (I’m sorry I do not remember the name) that people act first, then think, and afterwords MAYBE feel, when it should be the other way around. Unfortunately it is very true. We do not even think about what we are doing let alone see how that would make us feel. We just follow what we have always done because that is what everyone tells us to do or at least that’s how we see it. Well nobody will tell us how to be happy, basicly because they do not know. Even if I know what makes me happy, I can never know what makes YOU happy. Do you know ? Many will ask what is happiness. Do not confuse this with satisfaction, the feeling you get when having a succesful career, which is unfortunately the most widely accepted answer; if you are a succesful bussinessman you are happy. That’s BS. Agreed that one does not exclude the other but that doesn’t meant they are equivalent.

Think about the last time you were truly happy? How long ago was it ? What were you doing ?

Most of you will say it was quite some time ago, and that you were not doing something in particular, probably just admiring a scenery, spending time with a loved one.

Why don’t we strive to achieve those moments ? Why do we get so caught up in doing things that we don’t really need or want ?

Why don’t we just take a moment to enjoy the ride ?

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A thought

Has it ever ocured to you that the same inherent sistem that keeps you from screwing up is the same sistem that keeps you from aknowledging it exists ?

It is probably clear to you that every person, including yourself has a a built-in sistem that keeps you from messing up. If it is not clear to you let me expand on this. For instance, I am sure that you have at least once experienced a situation in which you just felt that you have to do or not do something in particular to avoid an unpleasent situation. I’m refering to every day to day life, like for instance when you are driving and something inside you tells you that you should slow down because there is the police after the next curve; and you slow down and afterwards go: Good thing I slowed down or i would have gotten a ticket. Like I said day to day activities, or exactly the opposite  when you just know something will go bad and you know what to do in order to avoid but don’t do it and the bad thing happens; then you go : Why did I do that, I know I should have done something else.

Now this type of events are plainly visible in our lives, but we only question that sistem when we mess up, when we do not listen to it and we should have. When we do listen to it we just take it as a normal day. Why don’t we take the bad experience also a day to day. Rather my question is why do we question the very existence of this built in detector that we have, which some call intuition, and do not listen to it? Why don’t we aknowledge it for what it is and try our best to evolve it and use it at its best.

Some call this sistem more than intuition, and claim its divine intervention, especially in more drastic cases, and give thanks to a god or another for their succes, or blame it accordingly. Why do we not accept that there is only us with innate abilities that we can or cannot use according to our will.

The thing is like I said, that only when this sistem is not working that we usually give it any attention at all. When things go the way we want them, it’s great we congratulate ourselves, and overlook this ability, but when the things go awry, suddenly we are not to blame, even if we knew beforehand that what we are doing is wrong. Now do not ask me to define the fact that we know, because we just do, and that is not the point for which I am writing this.

My point is that maybe we should just maybe pay a little more attention to our own selves and take responsibility for the way our life goesbe it good or bad. Then maybe we will just be able to see that little glimmer inside our own selves that allows to evolve in what we truly want to become.

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