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Relaxation exercise

I picked this one up on the net, tried it myself and was quite appreciative of the results. It was designed to cut off any external influence on the brain so that the subject could relax and enter a vision favorable state.

So what you need is a pair of headphones, a white noise sound played on loop over the headphones, 2 halves of a ping pong ball which will be placed over your eyes (or taped over your eyes) and a source of red light.Basically the white noise smothers any outside stimulus like noise (also I find it to be very relaxing) and the red light projected through the ping pong ball does pretty much the same halting any disturbing light phenomenon allowing to your brain to enter a dream like state while you are still awake. After you have set it up just relax and enjoy.

I tried this method on several occasions but without the ping pong balls and although I didn’t have any impressive visions or hallucinogenic experiences, I did find the state very similar to a deep meditation – trance like state. It was very pleasant and very useful in getting a clear picture of my thoughts. I did this the other day for about 1 hour and i hardly felt the time go by. I do remember that at one point I did enter a state where my mind was completely clear of any thoughts, and I was in between sleep and awareness; probably that is why I lost track of time. It a also a very refreshing experience, and in just 1 hour I was felt very lively after a full day of physical labor.

Overall i do recommend you give it a try, at least with the white noise over the headphones, if not with the red light and ping pong ball.


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