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A view, a different view

Each feeling or emotion that one may feel belongs to that particular person. Whether or not it was caused by an outside influence, be it a person or event, it still belongs to the person that experiences it. As such the only way to control or to overcome or to rejoice in such an emotion can only be done by the one that has it. To say it simpler no one can rightly blame another for the what he is experiencing; ex. if someone comes up to you and starts cursing you, you may get angry, you may burst into laughter, you may just ignore him, but one thing is certain all those reactions and emotions are yours and not his, and as such you can control them and move them as you see fit. Most of our lives we are taught that certain actions require certain reactions, and that if somebody slaps you, you should get angry or maybe hit him back. But these are nothing else but predetermined thought patterns that we incorporate into our daily habits without questioning if they are right for us. Every person should seek out what is truly theirs and act accordingly.

Logically speaking there is no reason to get mad at anyone for anything. The fact that he just slapped you doesn’t result in a need to slap him back. Although that is what most of us would do, that’s just because we do not think about our (re)actions, our brain already has the answer for the situation from the many times it has gone over it in your mind. But most likely that would not help the situation, on the contrary it would just make it worse. Now most people argue that in such a case they would feel good by hitting back which is probably true. But has anyone tried taking the other approach to see how that makes you feel ?


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In an endless game of emotion and seduction the winner can only be he who does not play.

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