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State of mind – 1st of October

I find myself once again in a mental state which i cannot clearly define. It feels as though my head is spinning but my attention is quite clearly focused. As if I was high, but obviously that is not the case. In this state I feel as if I’m highly focused on my thoughts and emotions, but at the same time I’m not paying attention to the world around me. Also for the past 24 hours I’ve been experiencing aggressive tendencies towards the most mundane of things and this does not feel like me at all. Even more intriguing is the detachment with which I find myself viewing them, as if they belonged to somebody else. So right now 2 persons inside me are strugling for control, one as I said, quite aggressive where as the other in a weird trance like state of calm.

Should I believe either one of them is me? Can this “me” be defined through a state of mind. Or am I just sleeping and dreaming of others?

I choose not to give in to any of these states, and just watch their development.


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