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I do believe that personal experience has cannot be matched by any other thing, except perhaps for pure intuition (of course where applicable). That is to say that no matter how much one reads, talks or hears about any subject, it does not compare to the actual personal experience of the subject. Of course that is to say that experience is unique and cannot be transferred over to any other person.

But this is not what i wanted to talk about. My focus in this post is books. And although they cannot match experience they are a great way of gaining new information, directions or an inside view on certain aspects that the reader just does not have yet. So I’ll be writing a small list of my personal favorite books with a small description of what I liked about them and why I would recommend reading them.

White book of Ramtha – whether or not you believe what ms Knight and Ramtha do is not my business, that’s for you to decide. I for one have found this book as being quite intriguing and it got me thinking of things I normally just ignored and also to look at certain aspects of life we take for granted in a new light. This is not a book for the easily offended, as some things as it is written in a quite direct, shall I say blunt, manner, with the writer saying and calling things as they are and not how they appear to be. I strongly recommend it, even more so if you are in to the spiritual aspect of life.

Osho – Don’t have a specific book to recommend here. I find that these books make me feel better. I just pick them up read from them, feel good. The easy and approachable writing style combined with the light hearted and storytelling nature of Osho make for one great reading session. Also you may learn a thing or two. I just remembered: “The mustard seed

Dune – this is a classic and if you haven’t read it, you ought to. Many believe it is just a Sci-Fi novel and leave it at that. And indeed it is a Sci-Fi novel, a brilliant one, but also the scope, magnitude and subtleties in these books are something I haven’t found anywhere else. It is quite amazing how the Sci-Fi blends in with a seemingly lively world, the books dealing with the subjects of religion taken to the extreme as a parallel to real life events that took place over the history. You have your classical image of good vs evil, the Messiah “fighting” a war against an empire, to realize that it is meaningless, his image manipulated to the extent of gaining a fanatical support. You also have your classical development novel, where a young boy, Paul, becomes the leader/savior of a planet and the galaxy. Also present is a world like no other, where computers have been eliminated, and humans have surpassed their normal abilities becoming more powerful and less human in the process. Enough said, go read it.

psychology – well not a specific book, but everyone should have at least a mild grasp of the processes that go on in our head, the reason why we behave as we do whereas others see things quite differently. From my experience I’d say Freud’s Psychology of the Unconsciousness is a good start. Even though considered out dated or straight out wrong, it still is an interesting read that can help the reader understand some mental processes. Other works by Freud can also help or better yet Jung.


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