The Overview


A view, a different view

Our mind

The human psyche is indeed a wonderful thing.

On one hand it has us driving ourselves and our bodies to the utter limits in pursuit of what seem to be unfathomable goals and ideals, bending the world around us to our will, moving us in ways we never thought possible, while on the other hand completely denying us any change that may affect its perceived image about itself, trying to squeeze as much time as possible before any major change is accepted in our life. 

So what do we do with it ? Or better yet, who are we ? Are we just the perceived image or images of our psyche? Or is our psyche a part of us ? Depending on the point of view one can succesfully argue for both these stances, most likely involving the existence of feelings on both sides. But sure enough as well as our feelings may be created as consequences of our psyche’s actions so can our psyche be influenced by our feelings.  But let’s leave these things as they are for now.

Tracing back our steps to our innermost thoughts, what should we do ? Should we just embrace every change that comes about? Why ? What would one achieve doing so ? Some say experience, the experience of something new. But then again is the action of refusing a change not the same ? Is it not still a change, even though it is a refusal? Is perseverance not something new?

 I believe that the answer is both yes and no. While you can do either in order to obtain *new* experiences, you can also do either and obtain nothing new. Refusing to acknowledge our entire thoughts, not shedding light on the deepest corners of our psyche will lead us to taking faulty decisions, and continue experienceing the same routine over and over even though we almost honestly believed we changed it.

So what does our psyche want? What drives it? Is it our wish to excel, to succeed? Is it society, our brethren quietly telling us what to do? Is it our doubts, our fears? I do believe that there is an answer to this question but also that the answer is particular to each and everyone asking the question.

For this we just have to be honest to ourselves, otherwise we are just pawns in our own twisted game.


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